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Why Shop In October

The first Farmers Markets opened in the UK over 30 years ago .Prior to then the only way to buy local produce was at the 'Farm Gate'

The Farmers Market retail concept enabled small producers to sell directly to the public. With the closures of the small Village shop in the early part of the 21st century, the number of local rural Farmers Market grew to fill the gap.†

Farmers Markets have now become the bastions for retailing of local produce. They have also grown in terms of variety of produce sold as they attract 'Artisan Producers' who again have problems in finding suitable locations to sell their products. This is why you will find both the unusual and high quality produce


NUMBER OF MARKETS †................................................ ....... ............ † †50†

These include 'Village' and 'Community' Markets which aspire to follow the Farmers Markets standards . (There are also a few other markets which are not members of the Association).†



(of which 450+ sell food produce)

Our Stallholders/Producers sell an amazing variety of produce. Click here to see the number of products sold at all Farmers Markets in Kent.


Click here to find out what is available at each Farmers Market

In 2022 the KFMA web site was accessed by 66000 viewers who viewed 88000 web pages


Kent Farmers Market Association was set up in 2004 following a review of Farmers Markets conducted by University of Canterbury. Their main finding was that markets Producers and the shopping public would obtain considerable benefits by mutual co-operation by:-

  1. Championing local food and drink sold directly by the Producer to the consumer.

  2. Adding to the local economy by increasing the income of local producers who in turn increase the spend in the local economy

  3. Promoting Farmersí Markets in Kent and the South East.

  4. Representing Farmersí Markets to ensure future needs are recognized by local and national government and other formal organisations.

  5. Helping improve both sustainability of local produce and making a positive contribution to climate change and environment

  6. Providing a common approach for shoppers, Producers and Market Managers to find Market timings, directions and local information.

  7. Providing guidance for Market Managers and Producers to conform to standards of quality, localness and food retailing

  8. Encouraging markets to become key focal points in their local communities.

  9. Providing start up guidance for Markets and Producer business

  10. Stimulating the publicís understanding of the health benefits of eating local food in season and environmental benefits of reducing food miles

  11. Making best use of Managersí and Producer membersí time and money through use of standard web design templates and social media marketing.

  12. Using 3rd Party expertise of to help review new approaches to expand the sales of local produce and increase shopper footfall and spend.

A recent survey conducted at Shipbourne Farmers Market illustrates the benefits of shopping at a farmers Market.

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